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Henry Bradley

Ends 28 March 2020

Phototendering is a three-screen installation that dramatically re-tells the story of the Italian puppeteer Vittorio Zanella’s father, recounting the narratives surrounding his involvement in the 1963 Nobel-Prize winning development of the plastic, Polypropylene. Set in 1960’s industrial Northern Italy, it draws upon the contemporary geopolitical, medicinal, and environmental consequences of his father’s work with plastic at the local Petrochemical plant. Conceived as an amateur puppet show opera, the installation opens up the process of production, using the three screens to display both the performing puppets, as well as the humans producing the voices and the music behind the scenes.

Henry Bradley (b. 1991) works in video, performance, and installation. His research and work deals with the physical manifestation of economic ideals, managerial techniques and environmental shifts on the human voice, speech, and behaviour. In 2017 he graduated from the Centre for Research Architecture, Goldsmiths University, and has undertaken exhibitions, commissions, and residencies across Europe with, ICA, London; BBC, UK; Jerwood Arts, London; Fondazione Prada, Venice; HALLE 14 Centre for Contemporary Art, Leipzig; Arts Catalyst, London; AUF AEG, Nuremberg; UK Young Artists, UK; Resina, Italy; Salt Project Collective, Italy; ArtLicks, London.