A Change in the Cells 

A residency with Tara McGinn- curated by Cecelia Graham and Grace Jackson (curators in residence)

Tara McGinn

Ends 04 February 2023

For the past two years artist Tara McGinn has been obsessed with the constitution of interiors - be they domestic or emotional ones - what is included in their layout and descended in their waste convey a glistening value system curated by the bodies that inhabit or neglect them.

Through an emerging art writing practice, in tandem with sculptural combinations, Tara examines the details of these surfaces - their textures become maps and transform into abstracted narratives. This approach represents an attention to detail that subverts the body as transcending interiors, and instead as an engine that shapes their meaning from the inside out.

At PS², Tara is using the opportunity to have full access to the project space and fully explore the potential of this process-based methodology to produce, test and deconstruct new work that symbolises a constantly moving practice and rejects a static exhibition.

About the artist

Tara McGinn is an interdisciplinary artist originally from Enniscorthy and is a former co-director at Catalyst Arts and studio member of Flax Studios in Belfast. Her work combines sculptural (re)production, image-based assemblage and writing. Her developing studio processes aim to connect, contrast and translate subjects of trauma, memory, identity and space. Recent exhibitions include Woman in the Machine at VISUAL Carlow, and her solo show Nothing Alien is Human to Us at Platform, Belfast. She was part of CCA's Window Texts 2021 series with Mincers, designed by Reece Kennedy.
Tara McGinn is part of the 4th cohort of artists 2022/23 in the Freelands Artist Programme.

About the curators

This is the third project as part of Cecelia Graham and Grace Jackson’s yearlong collaborative curatorial residency at PS². Throughout the residency, the duo have developed a mode of working that aims to challenge curatorial intentions that centre around strict outcomes. Instead, Cecelia and Grace have created a space for artists to test ideas or return to work considered unresolved. The projects below have been curated by the curatorial duo:
1- Mark Buckeridge- Handycam Gifts
2- Bog Cottage
3- Tara McGinn- A Change in the Cells
4- Christopher Steenson, June 2023

More information about the curatorial residency can be found here.