Saturday, 6-8pm
Entrance free but places are limited, so please turn up early


Sonic performance

Lesley Flanigan

Ends 12 June 2010

American sound artist and sculptor Lesley Flanigan mixes the artforms in a performance which involves electronic music and voice in an installation setting of handmade speakers.

Lesley Flanigan
The work of New York based artist/vocalist Lesley Flanigan has been presented in numerous venues, festivals and art spaces, including the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (New York), Issue Project Room (Brooklyn), Transitio_MX (‘09, Mexico City), NIME (‘08 Genoa; ‘09 Pittsburgh), ICMC (’07 Copenhagen) and Bent (‘08 Los Angeles; ‘09 New York). Her art has been exhibited at the ISEA conference in Singapore, Busan International Design Festival in South Korea, Ringling College’s Selby Gallery and MCLA’s Gallery 51. She has spoken about her work and given workshops at universities and art foundations including Harvestworks, Dorkbot NYC, Art Institute of Chicago, Wellesley College, and the Copenhagen School of Architecture. Her first solo album Amplifications was released in 2009 and toured across the United States. Amplifications will be performed in Europe in the Summer of 2010, including at the Sonar Music Festival in Barcelona, Spain. In addition to her solo work, she also performs regularly as a member of Bioluminescence, a collaboration with video artist and composer R. Luke DuBois that explores the modality of human voice through live sound and interactive video.

‘Amplifications’ is part of ‘note’, a series of events based around Lesley Flannigan’s work. The series is organized by bbeyond and curated by Colm Clarke.
'Note' continuous on Sunday, 13 June, 3-8pm at Space Delawab with a sonic performance.