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Belfast Photo Festival 2015

Part of the Belfast Photo Festival 2015

Christophe Dillinger

Ends 20 June 2015

As Part of the Belfast Photo Festival, PS² is hosting an exhibition by Christophe Dillinger.
To have 11 one meter sized, square photographs mounted in PS² [read: pssquared], could be seen as a step too much.
For the photographer and editor of square magazine Christophe Dillinger, it is a compositional decision and aesthetic conviction to concentrate on this format. The common symbols of image formats like 'landscape' or 'portrait' are merged here into one, equal sided viewing aspect. Dillinger mainly uses the square format and analogue techniques for his photographs in a process which he describes as ‘alternative and experimental’, either via preparing films (pre-production), or via working directly on the negatives. The resulting images are grouped together in series, connected through a thematic- or technical approach.

Christophe Dillinger: Communication- from the 'Typewriter Series'

Image: Christophe Dillinger

The photographs shown in PS² are from his 'Typewriter series' and capture everyday motives and situations: a field, an empty chair, a building. What they have in common is the absence of people. They are still.
Except there is this other layer of interference: writing, typed notes, short comments. Dillinger explains these '... as an attempt at filling the gaps between what photography can show and what needs to be explained before it shows it. When I place a negative in my second hand typewriter, I try to imagine what hidden story is/ could be /should be contained within the blank pictorial context. I type beginnings I know are fake, baseless histories and narratives that cannot be verified (which, of course, means they might, just might, be spot on after all).'

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