Mid project opening

Thursday 7 August, 7-9pm


Laura Anne Morgan

Ends 16 August 2008

Recent graduate Laura Anne Morgan explores a tree in the same way as one would with an historic monument; she builds scaffolding around them and erects a rigid formal system, as if these natural or built structures are in need of renovation. Nature and architecture seem to pose the same challenge, a need for structural support and reconstruction. The resultant scaffold allows the artist to climb and physically redraw the shapes with childlike joy.
This installation is part of a series entitled CONSTRUCTS, a loose sequence of projects around the issue of created space.

CONSTRUCTS 1 Anne Marie Dillon: ‘Once Upon A Now’, 2007

CONSTRUCTS 2 Hannah Casey: ‘Leonia’s rubbish’, 2007

CONSTRUCTS 3  Laura Anne Morgan: CLIMB,  2008