25 September, 6pm @ PeasPark


a collection of sculptures, images, and text at PeasPark

Jennifer Mehigan

Ends 10 October 2020

Creamatorium is a collection of sculptures, images, and text that explores the grave and the cemetery as garden spaces under colonial rule in Ireland, contrasting it with English approaches to land ownership and garden design in the 17th and 18th centuries. The series merges suppressed queer Irish histories with interspecies communication, time travel, parallel universes, and dream worlds, and is accompanied by a reading by Ria Adeyinka, a non-binary performer from Derry. Guided by the necropastoral and the subterranean (where death lives) “strange meetings” happen between Jennifer Mehigan, Bassam Al-Sabah, North Belfast equine apparitions, the soil, the dead, and the internet.

Creamatorium opens at  Peas Park in North Belfast on Friday 25th September at 6pm. See map.
All are welcome to visit during daylight hours until Sunday evening. The general Covid-19 outdoor regulations apply.
Jennifer Mehigan (Ireland/Singapore) is an artist based in Belfast. With a background in floristry and graphic design, her work combines the cliches of contemporary recovery and self-help literature with queer Irish histories and the violent poetics of abstraction. Her often multi-disciplinary installations are grounded in a framework of painting, beginning as images that morph into text, sound, smell and taste. Mehigan regularly creates work in collaboration with Bassam Al-Sabah.