Wednesday, 18 January, 6-8pm

Talk and conversation with Sharon Adams, one of the 5 Makers and screening of films.
Everyone welcome.

Film Makers

Archive footage and new documentation of crafts and their makers in Northern Ireland

Sharon Adams, Sheena Devitt, Alison Fitzgerald, Nicola Gates, Ronan Lowery. With archive footage and new documentation by Simon and Lorna Mills

Ends 21 January 2017

For August Craft Month 2016 five NI makers were invited to produce new work in response to heritage footage from Northern Ireland Screen’s Digital Film Archive.
Sharon Adams, Sheena Devitt, Nicola Gates, Alison Fitzgerald and Ronan Lowery each created new works spanning heritage, functional and conceptual outcomes, which formed the Film Makers exhibition.
Simon and Lorna Mills documented the work process of each 'Maker' in 5-6min long films.They were shown alongside the heritage footage on split screens.

Film Makers was curated by R-Space Gallery, Lisburn and first shown there in August 2016. Visitors could see the newly commissioned works displayed alongside the heritage footage that inspired them and the new documentation of the Makers at work. 
The project was supported by funding from by BFI and the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.

In PS², all 5 films will be shown on different monitors together with the heritage footage.

In the talk on Wednesday, 18 January, Sharon Adams will explain and discuss, how the project pushed everyone involved to take risks in their respective practices. The heritage footage will be screened and all 5 new documentary films that recorded their processes.

Film by Simon and Lorna Mills
In celebration of Northern Ireland’s rich craft landscape past and present, five makers have been invited to produce new work in response to heritage footage from Northern Ireland Screen’s Digital Film Archive.
Featuring stone carving, basket weaving, furniture making, tools and handwoven textiles, Film Makers highlights the relationship between historical skills and contemporary making. Supported by the BFI Film Audience Network, the project also records the making processes of the participating artists in new film footage, offering visitors a glimpse into the inspirations and techniques behind the work.

Links to the selected heritage footage from Northern Ireland Screen’s Digital Film Archiveand the Maker who re-acted to it:
Alison Fitzgerald: Creel Making in Boho
Ronan Lowery and Sharon Adams: Spade and Scutch Mill in Cultra
Ronan Lowery: Ulster Today
Ronan Lowery and Sheena Devitt: Ulster Richer and Rarer (disappearing traditions captured by the former Governor of Northern Ireland

You can view more films online through the Brithish Film InstituteI Player. BFI funded digitising the original films as part of their Unlocking Film Heritage initiative.