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In-between 2

Butterfly poaching and embroideries

Hanna Casey [Hannah Casey-Brogan] / Lyndsey McDougall

Ends 27 September 2008

'In-between' is a loose series of short projects and test runs.

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Lyndsey McDougall will make a floor installation addressing memorable characters that she has personally encountered this year. By drawing and thinking through making she hopes to capture some sense of each distinctive entity. Lyndsey McDougall will use the mnemonics of the glass jar to explore the threat associated with captivation and the security associated with freedom. She writes:

I am fascinated by Lepidopterists and their interest in capturing and recording beautiful creatures.  I want to draw on the historical importance of recording and the sinister side of striving to capture.

Her installation will fill the gallery floor with glass jars labelled with the names of people of know. Each jar will be filled with memories and associations of each entity. Cloth would drape from the jars to mark the soft presence of captivation, embroidery will give clues as to who lies within. 

Hanna Casey [Hannah Casey-Brogan]

Hanna Casey [Hannah Casey-Brogan]

Hannah Casey [Hannah Casey-Brogan] will use various samples of craft products she had made in order to explore the boundaries between traditional methods/means of craft production and those which are more often associated with industrialised labour. In doing so she will seek to use the gallery itself as an intermediary space in determining whether these various means of production can be appropriated outside existing labour/craft paradigms. The show will incorporate drawing (the preliminary stage of any design), embroidery (traditional crafts) and an interactive element using neckerchiefs (an outmoded fashion item which has latterly returned to it’s original handcrafts status having been mass produced during much of the early to mid C20th).
Is it possible to reclaim an industrialised product for crafts and if so why would this be necessary? Finally the show will take the theme of ‘animals’ as a reference point for each of the samples, animal products being a key source material in craft production as well as being the product of competing traditional/industrial factors in themselves.