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Politics of comfort

Janie Doherty

Ends 25 April 2020

'I was supposed to be doing a residency in PS² during the month of April before performing my piece "Politics of comfort' in the Mac, Belfast at the beginning of May. During my residency I had planned to set up several screens and projections in the space, close ups of skin, the body as a landscape and create live performance among them... invite some friends, use it as an experimental multi-media installation space.
As none of these things are happening, I am trying to do a version of a residency at home. I have borrowed the fancy Mac computer and I'm trying to edit some footage for the first time in my life. I've been too afraid of editing until now, I'm not sure why. I think I'm scared to create things that aren't interesting enough maybe? 

I have gathered lots of footage and sound clips on my phone all related to my practice- which at the minute is focusing on comfort, self soothing behaviour and holding things together. I do things for pleasure mostly and like leaning into being soft, comfortable and a bit vulnerable. I have been, like most people, feeling very wavy during this time of isolation... of being an artist, of questioning everything and worrying about finances and the future. It's a really weird time.'

Text: Janie Doherty

Parents drunk, video still

Janie Doherty‘s dance-based artistic practice is concerned with the poetic choreography of everyday life. She was selected in 2018 for PS² 's Freelands Artist Programme. Her multimedia live performance project The Politics of Comfort is inspired by the poignant potential of the bun- and bread culture of Northern Ireland, with a focus on the working women who hold society together, combining softness with strength.

After graduating with a BA in Dance from Ulster University in 2009, Janie Doherty joined Echo Echo Dance Theatre company in Derry-Londonderry, Northern Ireland, as a full time ensemble member and has developed, performed and co-created touring performances with the company including The Cove; Without by Rosemary Lee; and In Tall Grass by Alessandra Celesia. She has received awards from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, Creative industries and Acorn Legacy to develop her work and travel to the United States and Germany. She is currently based in Belfast where, alongside developing her own practice, she is working with Replay Theatre Company on a bespoke children's dance theatre piece.