Redemption Machine

Astrid Bin

Ends 25 May 2013

Some years ago, the GPS devices for cars were bestsellers at Christmas. The same technology which directed missiles to an allocated target, told drivers in a pleasant voice, where to go to reach one's destination. With google maps and streetviews, with clever smartphones and special apps, orientation is now easy: you are here, the next cafe bar is 31m away and the nearest party, gallery, petrol station is there. Everything is mapped, from streets, to sites to shops to culture.
Type in Belfast maps and after the usual online cartography maps you find the ‘Belfast sound map’ or maps of local poetry or Virtual Mural Tours.
Not too much beyond the trodden path but that might change.

‘Redemption Machines’ is a project by Astrid Bin which is in parts a clever app, a tour guide through Belfast and a series of fictional stories. It is a site-specific, transmedia theatre experience about the interaction of humans and technology.
Blending elements of theatre, performance, game, narrative, audio art and mobile technology, this experience explores the public space of central Belfast and how human beings and machines got to know each other here during the early days of industrialisation.
The Redemption Machines is delivered by a smartphone app, but you don’t need a smartphone – you will be loaned one when you arrive at the gallery.
The experience is free of charge, but booking is essential. All you have to do is listen, walk, listen; a tourist in your own home ground.
The experience is free of charge, but booking is essential.

 About Astrid Bin

Why do I have to book?
You are supplied with a smartphone, and your experience is delivered for you, an audience of one. Because of this, participants must be spaced 15 minutes apart to make devices available for everyone. It’s free, but you must reserve a time.

How do I make a booking?
It’s easy! Just visit the Booking page and click through to the reservation screen. You just need to provide your name and email address. You’ll then receive a confirmation email. You’ll also get a reminder email 24 hours before your time so you don’t forget!

Can I come with friends?
The Redemption Machines is an individual experience, delivered by smartphone and headphones, and is therefore designed to be undertaken alone. It’s not possible to experience it in pairs or groups. If you’re a group, feel free to make a number of bookings for you and your friends, but please be advised you can’t all go at the same time.

How long does it take?
From beginning to end, expect the experience to be about 45 minutes.​