Mid-project opening

Wednesday, 20 November 2019, 10am-12

Opening hours

Tues-Sat 12-4pm

seal stones

An inter-generational project

Eleanor Casey and Hannah Casey-Brogan

Ends 23 November 2019

This short project will show small scale work; water colours, photographs, oil paintings and found stones, sculptures which can be read as abstract, natural  forms or as animated objects (the title seal stone suggest this more narrative reading).

The exhibition deliberately doesn’t attribute names to each work, it groups the work by self-taught artist Eleanor Casey together with work by her daughter Hannah Casey-Brogan
This exhibition is an interesting and rare inter-generational project. It highlights that creativity doesn't have age limits, either self-imposed or by arts organisations.

Installation view

For PS², the notion of an 'emerging artist' should be un-coupled from age, as it should be liberated from any demand of a formal art education.
The project also highlights the need for fellow artists: be it friends, colleagues, or in this case, your own family member- to support and encourage one another.

This is the first exhibition for Eleanor Casey. Her water colours and photographs not only show a distinct artistic viewpoint, but are also an encouragement for others to express themselves visually and discover the enjoyment to do so.

2 photographs

Hanna Casey-Brogan writes about the exhibition

I have selected some drawings, found stones and photographs by my mum, Eleanor. It has been fun to look through this work that normally lives on a messy table propped up on a pot of marmalade. We disagree on many things but share a common language of colours and shapes. I have included some of my paintings too, one’s that my mum has purchased over the years as a generous act of encouragement. I see the photograph of the silver teapot in the snow as a kind of self-portrait - finding the beautiful in the everyday and a reluctance to follow the rules.

Installation view

Seal stone- installation view