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Friday, 20 September- culture night: 5- 10pm
From 24-28 September: Wed-Fri 1-5pm, Sat 11am-3pm


A two week long project for culture night

Gary Shaw.

Ends 28 September 2013

With the flag protest still ongoing in few parts of the city and talks just starting how to overcome this issue about identity, national belonging and a 'shared future', Gary Shaw responds with even more flags; 406 precisely.
In this project for culture night, he covers the walls, ceiling and floor of PSĀ² with individual signal flags, creating an all immersing spatial painting. Each flag represents one letter in the alphabet and put together, form a letter or sentence. But where to start to read and who knows this language used by sailors for centuries?

Work in progress

Installtion- work in progress

Unlike the politically and territorially charged display of coloured cloth on lampposts, these painted rectangles spell out the names of famous artists and art terminology - if one is able to remember and find the line of letters they represent. Tricky, psychedelic, playful and in its own way a protest.
International Signal Flags have been used for ship to ship / ship to shore communication for hundreds of years and were standardised as an internationally recognized system by the Inter-Governmental Consultive Organization in 1967.

International Signal Flags

Work drawing