Friday, 19 April, 7.30 - 10.30pm

Open Skype Supply session

Skype Supply

Robin Renwick

Ends 20 April 2013

Skype Supply is a modern retelling of Max Neuhaus' Radio Supply I (1964), part of Neuhaus' range of works that were organised under the heading: "Broadcast Works".
Skype Supply implements often used modern-day communication mediums of the Internet: namely Skype and YouTube, to create an 'open-ended' artistic dialogue between visitors in PS² and members of the wider public. Within the installation, users may call a given Skype address (Skype Supply 2013), delivering their voice, image, words, actions and creativity onto the installation. The output is simultaneously broadcast onto the Internet through the medium of a net based 'one-to-many' broadcast stations.
This two way dependency between installation and interactor creates a dynamic space in which the artwork pertains the ability, if leveraged, to feed back into itself. Skype Supply is an example of a Network Sourced Approach to creativity, where a mass-distributed, crowd-sourced and open-ended artwork is formulated, through which members of the public may use a given network medium to communicate, express or voice themselves.

Installation view

Note for Interactors

Skype Supply will be active on Friday the 19 April in the evening from 7.30 - 10.30pm.
Please feel free to come down and view the exhibition in the flesh. At PS², you will have the opportunity to deliver your message onto the artwork through a Skype connected mobile device. If you feel like delivering your creativity and imagination from the comfort of your own home, then please add 'Skype Supply 2013' to the list of your Skype contacts before the event.
The event will also be broadcast live at the following YouTube channel: skypesupply.
Interactors are urged to view this beforehand, to see if they can interweave their creativity and imagination onto others!