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open on 6 November 2008

8-24 January 2009

sounding out space 2 - research


Kathy Graham

Ends 22 November 2008

Kathy Graham, a recent graduate from the School of Art and Design, University of Ulster, uses and works with architectural spaces in her photography. For 'Portraits' she writes: "A photograph allows for a reconstruction of reality resulting in a portrait of a given space. Through a working process, the space becomes the image which in turn becomes the object. Substituting the true gallery space for its objectified portrait allows the observer to take possession of a quantity of the space. The result of this remaking of the space means the absence in the gallery becomes the presence in the image". 

sounding out space’ is a series of explorative projects around aspects of space (architectural, emotional, historical, practical…). The 23m² of project space with its public exposure to the street is the object of investigation with a wide range of multidisciplinary approaches; artists, musicians, choreographers, a cat, interior designers, refurbishment people, tenants....

(1) Matt Green: 'Present place' , 2008
(2) Kathy Graham: 'Portraits', 2009
(3) Tobias Sternberg: 'Yourself from the outside', 2009
(4) Joanna Karolini: 'Unpriviliged Highs and Lows', 2011
(5) Fiona Larkin: 'Do You Love me Now', 2010/11
(6) Laura Graham: 'THE SPACE in BETWEEN', 2010