PS² Time: 12pm – 6pm

The craft of writing

Paper Visual Art Journal @ PS2

Adrian Duncan

Ends 20 February 2013

This day-long event will consist of a discussion about a series of short stories and personal essays. Participants will be asked to closely read three short stories, three personal essays and three essays on craft ("the craft of writing") forwarded to them in the weeks leading up to the workshop.
The group will discuss these pieces over the course of six hours on the 20th of February, with Adrian Duncan acting as the notional lead of the discussion. The workshop will look at and discuss these pieces in a way that also asks: how does one read as a writer?

This is a free workshop for those with an interest in art writing and criticism, with a maximum of 12 places available. Book early to avoid disappointment.

Adrian Duncan is an artist, writer and engineer based in Dublin. He is co-editor of Paper Visual Art Journal.