Opening hours

Thurs, 02 June, 1-9pm; Fri, 03, June, 1-5pm

Triangle Waves

Cory Levinson

Ends 03 June 2011

Triangle Waves is an interactive sound and light installation which consists of a triangle illuminated on a table, bound by three colored glass markers: one red, one green, and one blue at each vertex of the triangle. Also on the table are three identical objects that the observer can move about within the triangle, causing the colors of the triangle shift and follow the objects in space, while atmospheric shepard tones follow with frequencies proportional to those of the colors' electromagnetic waves. The piece aims to draw connections between color and sound as the observers explore and discover the many natural harmonies embedded in the color triangle.

Cory Levinson (USA) has been studying abroad at Queen's University Belfast for the past semester working towards a Bachelors in Mathematics and Sonic Arts. In the fall he will return to finish his studies at University of Michigan. Cory's work focuses on exploring methods of interaction within sound and video. He also records avante-pop music under the moniker Kohwi, and recently completed his first European Tour, playing throughout France, Slovenia, Germany, and the UK.
His debut album, Hidden Trees, will be released early this summer through Los Angeles based label Black Tent Press.