27 August- 01 September


04, 06 Sept at 6.45pm, Saturday, 08 Sept at 7.30pm
Duration: approx 30 minutes (free entrance)

Opening hours

Tues- Fri 1-5pm (Thurs 1-9pm), Sat 11am-3pm


Iain Griffin

Ends 14 September 2012

'At least there rioting for a reason. You english pricks are rioting because you want a new ipod.' (Libertycaps666, YouTube, 2011).

The threads of comments below You Tube videos are infamous for being violent, unrelated and ridiculous. ‘Trueprod2k11’ is an experimental verbatim theatre piece of which the script is entirely composed of You Tube comments sourced from below videos related to riots located in East Belfast in 2011. This project experiments with formats of activating dormant space. The artist seeks to activate and verbalise the dormant beliefs left by You Tube viewers. Viewers are expected to feel uncomfortable consequential of both the performance format and the un-political correctness of the script.

Performance actors
Elaine Duncan, Lindsey Mitchell


Performance- street view

Extract of script

oblongerer: The queen is German, they don't march for a Dutch King, they

commemorate a particular battle. I think it's provocative but not enough to insight riots. I am a citizen of Northern Ireland, i don't call myself scottish, english, dutch etc. I call myself Northern Irish, British. Can you trace your lineage back more than 300 years? Try it. Ireland has a long history of being invaded; the Normans, English, Scottish, even Spanish if you go back far enough. Nothing is black and white

DarkieAK47: Silly Orange scumbags Ya all confused Follow an English Queen, March for a Dutch hump backed King, Call yourselves Scotch settlers Fuck sake wise up Ya think your more English than the English themselves They don't want nothing to do with either Ya fucked up lot LMFAO Fuck off

MrBlindhippy: Why cant you all just go home and not stay in the streets to cheer on this stupidness its you lot who cheer in this shite that makes it a big thing ok guns wis used but ffs get a gribe and just go home basically

@tbarry16: I dont really see how having a United Ireland very soon is going to help the working class on both sides ya nut job

GH169: fuck all you dirty stinkin orange rats, the next time the water canon gets brought out get a wash. tiocfaidh ar la. RRTF

@tbarry16: You have just described both sides, and yes it is as sad state of affairs. The truth is that you're island has been occupied over the past thousand years by the viking, the normans, the british, the scottish and now you are just one of the smallest members of the EU. Your hate i misguided. Ireland hasn't been one island in a very long time so why not deal with it. What's the point in a united ireland when you have to turn it into a complete shithole in the process

@NPB1690: You little settler faggott. Stop hiding behind police vehicles. I can't wait

until the Police go home. Some payback awaits you.

tbarry16: It's extremely sad as a resident of Belfast to see the Protestant working classes continually exploited by loyalist paramilitaries who simply don't care for them

whatsoever. The future of this island can only be brought about by uniting working people and fighting for a unified 32 county socialist republic.

sarahooxo: smelly taig cunts up the uvf


Iain Griffin is an emerging artist born in England but has lived in Northern Ireland since 2000. He is a first class honours graduate of the National College of Art and Design, Dublin. His work typically combines relational art and immersive theatre creating a contemporary collaborative practice. Previous works have seen collaboration with the Hard of Hearing Creative Group, nurses, an Asian karaoke group and a tribute band. Informing both Iain’s artwork and written work are contemporary texts of philosophy, politics and religion, particularly Slajov Zizek and Terry Eagleton.
Iain was selected as one of 'three rising stars' from NCAD’S fine art department following his Degree Show (Aine Gilligan,