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Two days past and the skies had changed 73 times on her noticing

Sheenagh Geoghegan

Ends 23 April 2016

Sheenagh Geoghegan works with painting and sound, sometimes bringing both art forms together, sometimes keeping both disciplines separated.

A main theme of PSĀ² during 2016/17 are projects with different permutations and interdisciplinary crossovers between art &craft; art &sound; art &coding; art &folklore and art &politics.
Sheenagh Geoghegan's project will show a very original and subjective way, to merge different disciplines into a convincing new form and display.

Image/ text: Sheenagh Geoghegan- project preparation

About the artist

Sheenagh Geoghegan is currently based in rural Tipperary, she completed her MFA at The Slade School in 2013 where she was awarded the Stanford Scholarship, The Orpen Award, and The Charles Heath Hayward Award.