UP- Down. 4 community art workshops + 1 Village Fair

Testing ideas and practices into rural cultural projects in the village of Ballykinlar, Co Down

Phil Hession- Belfast, public works-London, Paddy Bloomer- Belfast, Duncan Ross-Belfast, Anne-Marie Dillon, Ballykinlar

Ends 31 May 2011

UP- Down- 4 community art workshops + 1 Village Fair is initiated by PS² and local artist and activist Anne-Marie Dillon
and takes place between February-May 2011

Participating artists

Phil Hession- Belfast; public works-London; Paddy Bloomer- Belfast; Duncan Ross-Belfast.

Project outline

4 project workshops over an 8 week period open for free to all villagers of Ballykinler//Ballykinlar.


1. the production of a film and cinema caravan
2. the fabrication of a local souvenir
3. the construction of a scrap metal mobile sculpture- Limousine cycle
4. the publication of a village newspaper and News website
+ a village fair

 ‘UP- Down’ addresses

- aspects of ‘local’ culture
- support, highlight and advance existing local creative skills and activities
- ways of creating opportunities to foster creative production
- involve many sections of the community
- experiment and challenge models of ‘art with the community’
- indicate and shift the imbalance of cultural distribution between urban and rural
- establish networking and connections to similar community activities elsewhere
- facilitate continuity
- create the framework for new cultural production/ art work

For more information see project page