Outdoor community project in North Belfast.

April 2013

PeasPark is an ongoing community project by local residents and interested people in North Belfast. How PeasPark started depends on who tells the story and there are many, but that doesn't matter much. It is a project shaped by many, young and old, with different intentions, interests and skills. And there are the chicken, goose and turkey. And there is William and his container shop Sina's.
They were the first on the corner of a derelict housing site, a place for bonfires, wild from the beginning, but not in a good way.
Skegoneill/ Glandore Avenue, a junction of two streets and two religions, an interface zone, at least until few years ago. The empty site as a buffer, no man's land, adventure ground, dump.

A plot waiting to be used as a community garden- some sorts.

Every Saturday between 11am and 2pm we meet for a gardening session, chat, drink tea… Just come along, from toddlers to pensioners, all are welcome.

Although the garden was not part of the initial project and application, it was quickly realized that this empty wasteland was ideal for a community garden. To clear the site and work together on a garden project was seen as a natural starting point for change and community initiative in and with the neighbourhood: a visible sign for change. Currently there are about 10 committed gardeners and families involved in this very much community driven, non organisational project. Through time- and more children- parts of the site became an adventure playground (with a tepee), wildlife area and BBQ corner. All involved want to continue and expand the community garden/ adventure playground and started consultation meetings.

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